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To arrange an appointment, please visit our contact page below:


Autism Psychiatry does not accept insurance; however, you may qualify for “out of network” coverage for services from your insurance company. 


After you submit payment for your appointment, we can send you the diagnostic and precedural codes that you can then submit to your insurance company. Depending on your coverage they may pay you a portion or all the fee charged. Please see the Out of Network Benefits Worksheet for more detailed information.


Autism Psychiatry offers a sliding scale fee schedule based on need. Please contact us for more information.

Late or Missed Appointments

Your time is valuable, so we commit to providing prompt care during which you have full attention.

To ensure the same respect and convenience to all patients and their families, appointments begin and end as scheduled.


Please provide notice of 2 full business days to reschedule. For example, if you wish to reschedule an appointment originally scheduled for Tuesday at 3:00pm, please notify us by the prior Friday at 3:00pm.


We charge our full fee for missed appointments and appointments rescheduled or canceled with less than 2 full business days advance notice.



Fees collected at the time of service by cash, check, or credit card.

Initial psychiatric evaluation and consultation:

Child patient with parent(s) / caregiver(s):

  • 1st appointment with parents (45 minutes): $250
  • 2nd appointment with child and family including discussion of diagnosis and treatment (45 minutes): $250

Adult patient: intake including discussion of diagnosis and treatment (50 minutes): $400

Follow-up appointment:

Medication check (25 minutes): $200

Medication check with psychotherapy (50 minutes): $400

Psychotherapy: (50 minutes): $400